Crime Scene Cleaners can take care of homocide, suicide, accidental and decomposition..... Crime/Suicide Cleaning UK in Edinburgh


Homicide/ Suicide

From a peaceful overdose to a shotgun suicide, disembowelling or hanging, our crime scene cleaners are trained to confidently and professionally deal with the aftermaths and ensure all trace has been cleansed and deodorized, All cleaning jobs are finalized by the use of Adenosine Triphoshate  (ATP) tester a perfect indicator that's all traces of Blood cleanup have been removed with Bio-Hazard clean. Edinburgh based covering central Scotland.


Edinburgh based covering central Scotland our crime scene cleaners can attend Road traffic collision, domestic or industrial accidents we will perform blood cleanup removing all traces off and from equipment and if required flooring, furniture etc. We provide high standards of all our cleaning jobs.


Following a decomposition crime scene cleaners can provide services which include full sanitisation to ensure all body fluids and blood borne pathogens in contaminated areas are removed. We use specialist equipment to fog and deodorize following the in-depth clean. Should it be required we can offer services to restore any and all affected areas  with our aftermath cleaning jobs. Edinburgh based covering Central Scotland.