Nursery to Nursing Home Sanitisation

What is Noro-Virus


Noro-virus is a highly contagious virus better known as winter vomiting bug which causes vomiting, diahhorea or both. This bug has brought workplaces to a grinding halt from schools and offices to factories, nurseries to nursing homes, even cruise liners and aeroplanes. As a rapid response CRT provide an advanced specialist fogging

treatment which sanitises to 99.999999%

killing viruses for up to 3 months . This can also be  a reactive measure should you be unfortunate to contract the above....


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What is Mrsa


Mrsa is highly contagious and can be contracted by sharing personal items towels, razor,etc that have touched infected skin.Infection risk can be increased when a person is in activities or places that involve crowding, skin to skin contact with shared equipment or supplies. Is there a preventative measure....CRT have sourced the most enviromentally friendly chemicals that are strong enough to be NHS approved for use in there operating theatres.These chemicals are deployed by use of specialist equipment with our trained technicians.


What is E-Bola


E-bola is contracted by contact with blood or bodily fluid including but not limited to....

urine,saliva, sweat,faeces,vomit, breast milk, and semen of an infected person or who has died of E-Bola. Contact with objects such as needles and syringes that have been used to obtain body fluids from an infected person creates the risk. Minimising this risk can be aided by fogging, this allows rapid re-entry to treated areas within a 15 minute timeframe of treatment being completed. 

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